Sasperella aka Saskia Baumgart

SASPERELLA aka Saskia Baumgart – works artistically, therapeutically & sound healing with music, Vocals & Voice.
Born in Berlin, she is specialized in singing, music therapy & somatic movement arts (Dance & Healing Movement Art), as in shamanic spiritual work, among others, during various stays with indigenous cultures in the Amazon, Mongolia, in North, South & Central America.

She is a freelance singer and works in the music therapy and sound healing sector, teaches singing & voice, gives vocal coaching for holistic personality development and expansion of consciousness through the medium of voice, Concerts, Sound Healing Nights & Events with her band MAGIC of SOUND, as a solo artist. Interdisciplinary performances with dancers, visual artists & authors, like Sylvia Geist, Bridge Markland and Ingo Reulecke.

Following her calling she combines the fields of music & healing, in a contemporary version of artistic tranceformative consciousness work, which integrates the elements dance, ritual & rhythm.

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