Three alchemists in sound & song who elicit sounds from the magic of the moment.
A sound ceremony that follows the creative logic of the moment, visionarily inspires and nourishes, with audible love in an invisible form.

Our Sound Ritual Concerts

Sounds from the realm of intuition and meditation, harmonization affect the entry onto healing inner spaces and the dream zone, while their echoes reverberate and fly away


on vocals, guitar & various sound percussion, such as the shamanic frame drum that invites you to travel, a body tambura, sansula, gong, singing bowls and a siren-like voice that transforms.



Portrait Miroslav Grosser

on violin, e-violin & overtone singing with the peculiarity of being able to sing two melodies in one voice at the same time and to tell stories with instruments that enchant and touch.



on Gu Qin & Fujara
Lilia plays with instruments rich in overtones – a seven-string zither, the Gu Qin – a temple instrument of ancient China, which reminds us of its tones of the Taoist culture and us, combined with the Slovak overtone flute – Fujara – leads to distant and new worlds.

Interview with the Trio MAGIC of SOUND about our philosophy and playART

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